A Clean Perspective 2021

Our client came to us with the need to revitalize their Master Bath. They had the traditional built-in tub and oddly shaped shower that infringed on a free path into the bath. Infinity Construction devised a new bath layout that gave spaciousness and air to a once dark and congested bath.

Infinity Construction helped our client select new tiles for the shower and an amazing accent tile for the tile shower waterfall and niche backs. The design included a half wall tiled on all sides, a beautiful glass front door, and a side wall above the 42” line. The openness of the glass walls complemented the new sleek freestanding tub in the center of a glass block window in the center of the back wall.

Infinity Construction then assisted in selecting new cabinets and countertops with striking black fixtures for vanities and the shower alike. The cabinetry featured a central tower to separate his and her sides on top of the beautiful 10-foot quartz vanity top. The selected flooring was a magnificent tile that has an inviting natural pattern as well as texture beneath your feet.

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Finally, we added new paint and lighting to top off the entire area and much improved external ventilation. The result is yet another masterpiece that anyone would wish was their Master Bath.
Infinity Construction strives to incorporate both form and function in all of our designs, and here we can say we succeeded. Most importantly, though, our client loves their new Master Bath, and that’s the true sign of success. Learn more about our process and make your dreams come true!