A Rotten Beginning

Infinity Construction was contacted by a wonderful client that had some issues with water seepage from a tiled shower. Upon investigation, Infinity Construction found that the water had migrated to the family room and throughout the Master Bath. The water issue had gone unknown for some period of time, such that the subfloor had become permeated with water and the floor was in fact rotten to the point of failure. Additionally, the issue led to Mold in the crawlspace and damage to joists as well as sill plates along connecting walls. Once we tore the whole bath floor out and cut back flooring in the family room we were able to fully gather the scope of the project and then develop a remediation and repair process. Since we were having to remove the tile floors in the Master Bath, we presented the owners with the option of replacing the floor with heated tile. This upgrade took a rather bad experience and turned it into a plus for our Clients. Infinity Construction took our Clients to pick tile and amenities that really added substantial beauty to their bath and changed how they entered the shower aiding in functionality. By completion of the project we had remediated all the mold, added a much more functional bath with increased ventilation, improved the overall style of the bath and managed to come in under budget. In the end our client was blown away by the improvements, which is always our goal at Infinity Construction.