As Luck Has It

Infinity Construction was fortunate to be in the middle of two past clients, making one’s dream come true and another incredibly happy. We had the fortune of working with a local bank on large-scale remodels following foreclosures. Infinity Construction has also been working with our past clients to help find them a new home. When the local bank called me on this home they had in Gettysview; I knew this was the home our client was looking for.

The back story is the house had sat dormant for over a year and, as a result, had not been properly winterized. As a result of the lack of winterization, the water lines in the attic had burst and flooded the two floors below and the crawlspace. The house needed extensive water restoration, mold remediation, and a big facelift. Our clients purchased the home, and we began estimating the remodeling and restoration. Once we got the scope and costs nailed down, we began work so their family could be in for Thanksgiving.

kitchen remodel knoxville

Before it was over, Infinity Construction had built a home theater room in the unused attic space, added a screened-in porch, re-tiled the whole main floor, refinished all the wood floors in the house, remediated the mold, repainted most every room in the house, reconfigured the laundry room, patched and added lots of drywall, added closet and pantry shelving throughout the house, replaced rotten windows, added gutter guards, added a water treatment system to the whole house, remediated the mold and added insulation to the crawl space, updated a sophisticated security system and finally re-carpeted and refloored the second story.

When completed, our past client was thrilled with their fabulous new home. We managed to complete all the items on the exact date we had promised and come in on budget. This 18-year-old home looked brand new, and most importantly, our client was awestruck. Learn more about our process and make your dreams come true!