ELKR1 Lyman Kitchen

It is simply GRAND!

Shae Designs designed this gourmet kitchen under the contract of Infinity Construction. Our owners wanted a grand kitchen with lots of light and world-class appliances. Well, we succeeded!

Bright white cabinets, a massive flowing quartz countertop over beautiful blue island cabinets, and amazing stainless-steel appliances make this kitchen a one-of-a-kind. The amount of storage in this kitchen is simply staggering. Built-in appliances highlighted by a forty-eight” refrigerator and a forty-eight” freezer allow for cavernous storage for any cooking occasion.

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The kitchen features a built-in oven and microwave with amazing functionality and style. We complemented the appliances with a unique sink with a built-in strainer, cutting board, and oversized disposal. The quartz countertops in this kitchen feature a beautiful vein running longitudinally throughout the entire length of the kitchen.

The flooring is a stunning marbled ceramic tile with grey grout. The flooring adds to the room’s elegance but with a warm color tone.

Finally, we threw all caution to the wind and installed an amazing backsplash with picture frame tiling detail over the Jen Aire 36” star burner cooktop. This kitchen was made for a chef and a husband who enjoys her passion. I am so glad our company, Infinity Construction, was able to make our client’s dreams come to fruition. Learn more about our process and make your dreams come true!