My Three Baths

Infinity Construction was pleased to aid our client in the rejuvenation of multiple spaces in their home, including three bathrooms, a laundry room, and multiple other spaces.  Our first task was to reconfigure the dated master bath and master closet and repaint the master bedroom.

After developing an amazing new floor plan that truly excited our clients, we removed the small old undersized shower and unused whirlpool tub. We built a new extravagant shower in a totally new location.  This allowed us to install double (his and her) vanities with towers for our client’s needs.

A cased opening separates the two units and leads into a brand-new custom closet with all the storage and organization one could ever wish for.  Our clients now have a large functional bathroom with all the bells and whistles that anyone could ever deserve to start and end their daily routines.

If that is not enough, Infinity Construction rebuilt their laundry room from the ground up.  We included custom cabinetry, a built-in tub sink with a tile backsplash, and a lot of custom shelves and cabinets for storage. Inside the panty cabinets, we included outlets for plugging in rechargeable items.

During the process, we found the original contractor had used a vinyl dryer tube that had disintegrated over the years. We installed a new solid metal tube to the exterior.  This not only gave a better performance for their dryer but gave them peace of mind that the lint was not recirculating between the walls as a fire hazard.

Infinity Construction then went to work on constructing a bathroom in a void in the attic that could adjoin a large bedroom on that level.  The bath was compact but elegant, with built-in shelves, a fantastic shower, and a cute vanity area.

Finally, we recarpeted the second and third floors, repainted all areas on the second floor, and attended to many of our client’s wishes as they arose and suggestions from us.  In the end, we turned out yet another fantastic remodel/reconstruction/revitalization project and did so in a very timely manner and at a great value to our client.

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living space remodeling knoxville tn
living space remodeling knoxville tn