Needing A Lift

A past client of Infinity Construction contacted us after they purchased a new house and needed an elevator installed in it. The interesting part of this is that it needed to be in the interior of the house. We assessed what our clients needed and began work compiling the necessary team to complete their desires.

First, we got a hold of a structural engineer and devised a plan based on the elevator company’s parameters. The work involved creating a shaft over a pit in the interior of the house, installing the elevator, and trimming out the elevator. What was not known was whether electrical and plumbing lines ran in the acceptable space designated for the elevator. We began to hollow out the areas to develop the necessary structural plan and in the process, we found out that most of the house’s main electrical and plumbing lines went through the needed areas.

Once the plan was developed by the engineer, we began to follow the prescribed structural modifications to the house by installing the structural members to support the rails for the elevator’s operation. Additionally, we had to dig and waterproof a pit in the interior of the house and pour a new concrete pad to support the elevator shaft while our clients living in the house. Then the massive job of rerouting many of the plumbing and electrical lines while installing the necessary electrical system to operate the elevator ensued.

Once these hurdles were met and the elevator was meticulously installed, we began replacing drywall, installing trim, painting walls, and placing the doors on the augmented walls.

Finally, we trimmed the elevator out in an elegant farmhouse style to match the rest of the house. This elevator addition gave our clients the ability to stay in their three-story houses and have unfettered access to all three floors thereby allowing them to stay in their dream homes for many years to come.

Infinity Construction is most proud of the fact that we got his project completed during COVID, on time, and under budget. Check out other living space remodels we’ve done!

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