Out With The Mold

Infinity Construction had the pleasure of making one of our client’s dreams come true. Before we could assist in this endeavor, we needed to tackle the elephant in the room. Our clients have a beautiful home that needed multiple final changes to make it a masterpiece, but they had mold! During an unfortunate event years ago, the house was flooded and this, along with some drain water issues, caused mold to develop in the crawlspace. Our team remediated the mold and installed a dehumidifier with a new vapor barrier and an encapsulation medium on the joists so that this would not occur in the future.

Additionally, we ducted the problematic downspouts, which were flooding the crawlspace during rain events, to new locations that would additionally cure the crawlspace issue. Finally, we started on what our clients really wanted – updating the old moldy master bathroom and many other parts of their house.

The master bath was gutted and a gigantic new shower with spectacular tiles was constructed in the house. A magnificent vanity with a tower, double bowls, and modern fixtures was installed to give maximum storage and functionality. Additionally, we added lots of ventilation, lighting, and new lighted mirrors. Now, their master bathroom was not just another room, but a sanctuary.

Next, we addressed almost every home’s issue – the redesign and installation of new closet shelving. The result of this effort was total closet organization and a seamless start and end to the day.

Then, we tackled a new laundry room with new shelving, a tub sink, and lots of lighting, along with a much-needed folding table. We also capped the laundry room off with a tile backsplash behind the washer/dryer and the tub sink.

Next, we moved to a new pantry for the kitchen which revolutionized their storage and organizational capacity. If that was not enough, we painted most of the interior, put in new handrails and metal balusters, crown molding, lighting, and much, much more.

Eventually, we moved to the exterior of the house to install new gutters and downspouts with gutter guards and constructed a magnificent new deck using synthetic material and a spectacular RDI handrail.

Finally, we proceeded to the front porch. We removed the old bulky handrails and spindles, replacing them with a sleek, new RDI handrail and spindle system in white, that we capped off with a light gray Trex topper (magnificent). Additionally, we added a new large-format tile base for the front porch to cover up an old concrete stain job that went wrong at some point in the past. Last but not least, we removed and re-poured the front walkway to tie it all together.

In the end, our clients were thoroughly impressed with the outcome that we designed and implemented. Infinity Construction is most happy that we exceeded expectations and kept the project on budget and on time. Take a look at our other projects here!

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