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Craftsmanship in our New Custom Home Projects and Knoxville Remodeling.

Craftsmanship and Style are two aspects of the home construction process that Infinity Construction, LLC takes great pride in bringing to every remodeling project, from homes in Knoxville, Maryville and beyond. With over 200 projects as a base for experience and over 20 years of experience, Infinity Construction can assist our clients in bringing both of these aspects to each and every remodeling project. Kennon and his designers will assist clients in bringing to the forefront those “special features” that make each project special and memorable. Whether it’s multi-layered crown on detailed angle cuts or routed deck handrails, those points of interest are what catch the human eye. With a pool of time-honored craftsman and suppliers accumulated over 20 plus years, Infinity Construction, LLC can bring relevance to the outdated and highlight the new in every remodeling project.