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Infinity Construction, LLC not only can bring a new sense of style and craftsmanship to your interior remodeling project, but also time-proven value to your biggest investment. Understanding value to cost and the relevant application is a primary concern to any remodeling project, but especially to interior remodeling. Through the use of 20 plus years of experience and a deep-rooted passion for understanding time-honored and the most recent interior fashion trends, Kennon and his experience with area interior decorators can dramatically transform the your wishes into reality. Using the area’s premiere suppliers at any necessary price point, in conjunction with superb time-tested subcontractors, will yield an unparalleled experience in interior modifications. Kennon will personally invest his time to make sure that vision meets execution. Whether the remodeling project is an update or a complete remodel of the residence, Infinity Construction will be there to make a client’s dreams come true.

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