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Our Remodeling Process

The understanding of what may lie beneath the visible is vital to determining the process during remodeling projects. Oftentimes, homes have had multiple remodels or renovations throughout the years with different owners, and some homes also have existing structural issues that need to be dealt with during the remodeling process. Understanding what was done in the past to prepare budgetary and scheduling baselines are vital to being able to prepare viable budgets and schedules for any project. Infinity Construction, LLC has the decades of experience in understanding historical construction techniques to conquer this aspect of remodeling. Being able to determine the most budget-effective (cost vs. time) process to get to your desired endpoint and vision are primary concerns to Infinity Construction. Using the most modern methods and technology to aid in cost savings and duration is a primary reason for using Infinity Construction, LLC in your upcoming remodeling project, whether you’re in Knoxville or Farragut in East TN!