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Our Process – P.E.T.R.A.

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P.E.T.R.A. (Professional. Estimation. Timing. Resource. Allocation.) is Infinity Construction LLC.’s proprietary integrated estimation, scheduling and resource allocation software package. P.E.T.R.A. allows Infinity Construction, LLC. to cross verify and track estimation, scheduling and workforce/sub-contractor/resource allocations for projects in the planning and ongoing stages. The ability to track a project relative to budgeted costs vs. actual costs and baseline schedules vs. actual progress schedules is crucial to project performance variance analysis. Ensuring that schedule and budgetary variances both positive and negative are detected as early as possible is crucial for keeping a project on schedule and on budget.

Through weekly or bi-weekly scheduling and progress billing updates Infinity Construction, LLC. is able to keep its workforce partners and supply vendors apprised of their upcoming activities and J.I.T. (Just in Time) material arrival responsibilities. Additionally, the client can better understand the progress to date both in duration and expense to the project. Infinity Construction, LLC. is committed to client satisfaction through scheduling and budgetary adherence. Whether Infinity Construction, LLC. is in the proposal or the active project phase, communication and analysis of budget and performance are key in developing and maintaining a lasting and satisfied relationship.

Infinity Construction LLC. is dedicated to using modern technology and software to provide the most comprehensive and value added construction process in the Greater Knoxville area. During the development phase, an extensive estimate combined with detailed vendor consultations is used in conjunction with scheduling software to phase align resources, material delivery and subcontractor activities. Using P.E.T.R.A. and scheduling software allows the detailed estimate to be conducted with confidence, such that the client is secure that the end product is within their budgetary constraints.


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Additionally, “Time is Money” and an accurate schedule to monitor performance against is critical in remaining on or ahead of the budgetary baseline. Whether your project is residential new construction, remodeling/making an addition to an existing structure or a commercial project, the same criteria of performance relative to value is of vital importance at Infinity Construction, LLC.