Infinity Construction’s Process for Success

Meet the Owner - Kennon Rymer

Meet the Owner - Kennon Rymer

Kennon Rymer will individually assist in the design, consultation, implementation and follow-through that every client’s project deserves. With a growing reputation for craftsmanship, performance and value, the Knoxville and surrounding counties have a trusted partner in their home remodeling needs – Infinity Construction. Contact Kennon Rymer today to start a lifelong partnership for your remodeling needs. Over 150 satisfied homeowners served in 30 years!


P.E.T.R.A. (Professional. Estimation. Timing. Resource. Allocation.) is Infinity Construction’s proprietary integrated estimation, scheduling and resource allocation software package. P.E.T.R.A. allows Infinity Construction to cross verify and track estimation, scheduling and workforce/sub-contractor/resource allocations for projects in the planning and ongoing stages. The ability to track a project relative to budgeted costs vs. actual costs and baseline schedules vs. actual progress schedules is crucial to project performance variance analysis. Ensuring that schedule and budgetary variances both positive and negative are detected as early as possible is crucial for keeping a project on schedule and on budget.

Through weekly or bi-weekly scheduling and progress billing updates Infinity Construction is able to keep its workforce partners and supply vendors apprised of their upcoming activities and J.I.T. (Just in Time) material arrival responsibilities. Additionally, the client can better understand the progress to date both in duration and expense to the project. Infinity Construction is committed to client satisfaction through scheduling and budgetary adherence. Whether Infinity Construction is in the proposal or the active project phase, communication and analysis of budget and performance are key in developing and maintaining a lasting and satisfied relationship.

Infinity Construction is dedicated to using modern technology and software to provide the most comprehensive and value added construction process in the Greater Knoxville area. During the development phase, an extensive estimate combined with detailed vendor consultations is used in conjunction with scheduling software to phase align resources, material delivery and subcontractor activities. Using P.E.T.R.A. and scheduling software allows the detailed estimate to be conducted with confidence, such that the client is secure that the end product is within their budgetary constraints.

Plan/Estimate Phase

  1. Contact Infinity Construction for an Initial Consultation either through our Website or by calling Kennon Rymer at 865-281-5954.
  2. During the initial consultation Infinity Construction will listen to your project plans and give advisement garnered during our 30 years of experience to best inform you of your possibilities as related to your project. We will discuss our process for success in detail, inform you of our “Rough Estimate” as related to cost and duration and finally develop a defined and clear path forward.

Since all projects are not created equal this is where your project will develop variants.  Infinity Construction will develop a defined contract for the Plan/Estimate stage of the contract.  The contract will be based on the following:

A. Defined Project Scope for the Plan/Estimate

B. Duration of the Plan/Estimate Development

C. Cost of the Plan/Estimate – Do we need a Survey, Architect, Structural Engineer or do you desire the aid of an Interior Decorator/Coordinator

If your project is an Addition to your home the Architectural Development will be completed by our proprietary Architectural firm and a Survey will need to be provided by either the homeowner or we can contract one to be developed for you.

If you are seeking a remodel then, providing we do not need to contract a Structural Engineer – as determined by Infinity Construction – then we can simply move to the contract for the Plan/Estimate phase.

Once the Contract for the Plan/Estimate phase is signed then we will begin developing a custom strategy for your projects process and cost development.

    Our General Process is as follows:
    1. Design Development using exact measurements shot by lasers (The Plan) or a plan developed by Architectural Renderings
    2. Agreement to design parameters by Owners and Infinity Construction alike
    3. Sourcing of Materials: At this point either Infinity Construction or Our company plus an Interior Decorator/Coordinator – owner’s choice – will accompany you by scheduled appointment to each and every Vendor/Supplier for Project Coordination and Quantity Verification. We want your project to be a success, so we are with YOU every step of the way
    4. Once all the materials are determined for you project, we will bring to your Home each Subcontractor that is to provide a service on the project, such that they can see their workspace and develop a highly accurate Estimate for their activities both in Cost as well as Time.
    5. Once all the component pricing is secured and the Subcontractors have developed their estimates then the final estimate will be developed for your viewing. At this point we will have a well-defined process developed for construction avoiding any “pitfalls” and a highly accurate estimate
    6. Finally, if any modifications need to be made, we will work with our client to reach their desired outcome.

    Construction Phase

    1. A contract will be developed based on the agreed to price per the Plan/Estimate Contract including any Architectural Rendering, Material Selection – verification or samples- and then Infinity Construction will enter you project processes into Microsoft Project. We are currently the only company in the Knoxville area that provides this service to their clients. The developed schedule will be part of your contact with you, thereby giving us both a defined start date and finish point with all activities in-between visible at every point.  Our Schedule will be updated weekly to show percentage of completion and activities upcoming that may affect your household.
    2. The Contract is Signed
    3. In the event your project needs additional modifications – as determined by findings or our Client’s needs – then Infinity Construction has a well-defined Change Order Process. This process requires both the Client and the Contractors signature to make modifications to the baseline scope of the project, thereby alerting the homeowner to Cost and Schedule performance deviations. 
    During the Process of Construction – What do you get:
    1. Daily supervision by Kennon Rymer or his Jobsite Superintendent.
    2. Ease of Communication – we are available 24/7/365 by phone, email, or text.
    3. JIT Management – Just In Time Management is having materials delivered to your project site just in time for implementation, thereby avoiding you home becoming a stockpile for materials.
    4. Monthly Invoicing for the Past Months Activities: We use a system call “Truth in Invoicing”. This provides comprehensive documentation to each and every vendor, subcontractor, or internal expenditure on your project. You get to see in color every invoice regardless of cost that is generated during the construction process.  If we cannot product the invoice, we cannot charge you for the expense.

    Our primary goal at Infinity Construction throughout these two phases is the be exceptionally clear and transparent as well as to be there for you on your project throughout the entire process.